7 Days in the Dark — Dark Therapy

Quick Q&A

  • Did you see anything? No, there is no difference between opened and closed eyes, just absolute darkness. I only saw pictures that were created by my brain.
  • What were the most common activities you were doing? Lying in bed and sitting on the toilet. And of course meditation and thinking about myself.
  • How did you eat / get the food? By the type of the box you can guess if there is liquid or not. So you are doing everything slowly and thinking about it. There is no problem with eating. There are two connected dark rooms. The first one was my personal room and the second one (smaller) was for exchanging boxes, bottles and so on.
  • Was it difficult to orient and move there? No, you can see the room before the lights go off and then you just walk slowly (you have a lot of time, you know).
  • Were you there alone? Yes. Sometimes, the woman who took care of me came to the exchange room and got me new boxes with food, water and so on.
  • Did you talk to anyone? No, just to myself. But I could write a letter to the woman and talk to her if something happened but I didn’t do it.
  • Did you want to leave before the end? Yes, I will describe it later in this article.
  • Is it possible to excercise there? I had a small room so not really, I did shadow boxing, push-ups and so on but I think yoga would be difficult there. It depends on the room.
  • Did the time fly fast? Actually yes, it’s much faster than many team meetings. It is a paradox but you can focus on yourself and you are not scattered by many things you can do at home so the time flies like a 🚀.
  • Did you recognize the day / night? Yes, you have a lot of time to listen to your body so when the night / evening arrived, everything slowed down, my eyes were heavier and I knew it was time to go to sleep.
  • Did you hear anything from the outside? Yes, cars, motorbikes, tractors, but not much. It was in a small village so the traffic was there for the whole day and night (cars during the day and agriculture machinery at night / evening for example).
  • Did you find God or anything? No. But I found my spirit in many forms.
  • Did you change? No I am still the same but I learned something about myself so I can work on it. Maybe there is one change … I am not biting my nails anymore.
  • Why did you go there? There is no special reason. I wanted to try it, I am interested in biohacking and these things and this is close to it. So I just wanted this experience.
  • How much did it cost? Around 9.000 CZK, it’s around 400 USD.

Day 1 and 2

Day 3 and 4

Day 5 to 7

Outside of the Dark





Backend developer • Certified Solana Developer

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Štefan Prokop

Štefan Prokop

Backend developer • Certified Solana Developer

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